Delta Pubblicità Group was established in the local radio and television ambit where it has built up over 20 years’ experience.
It is a communications agency whose corporate philosophy is to supply strategic solutions of integrated “made-to-measure” planning to satisfy its customers’ needs, sharing their goals.
Delta Pubblicità Group uses radio, TV, press, cinema, Internet, new media and billboards to fulfil its goals.

All-round complete service, years of experience of a staff of experts in the fields of marketing, advertising and new media, plus company-customer teamwork: these are the strong points that allow Delta Pubblicità Group to obtain excellent results in advertising communication.
Delta Pubblicità Group intermediates with advertising agents on the customer’s behalf, helping him to plan and acquire the advertising space in the best way possible and putting at his disposal the company’s wealth of research and experience. Their main goal is that of helping their customers – within the available budget – to realise important local and district advertising campaigns, throughout the national territory, through high impact planning.

Local Media
Delta Pubblicità Group is specialised in the management, selection and planning of local Radio and Television throughout the country. It boasts a vast experience of knowledge and collaboration with the most important international Media Centres and with almost all local radio stations in Italy.
The advantage of the local media is that it can cover the entire territory chosen in a capillary way, region by region, assisting and strengthening the national campaign on specific areas, particularly identifying and acting on the reference target.

Media and Public Relations
Delta Pubblicità Group’s communication projects involve a capillary, precise, creative job that is in complete harmony with the evolution of the markets, society and technology; part of a deep analysis of the placing of the company and its products to identify strong points in relation with its goals and needs.
Based on the resources and the real investment possibilities, an integrated communication plan is developed with a continual and proactive consultancy and the entire operative path is managed; also through managing relationships with the outside on behalf of companies and an efficient service of public relations with the strategic use of events.

Delta Pubblicità Group studies, plans and realised events aimed at communicating the image, idea or concept that the client, public or private, needs to promote.
The characteristic that makes events indispensable within a marketing strategy, is in fact that of succeeding in supporting and valorising all the planned activities with initiatives of public relations or triangular trade on the territory, able to “give volume” to the customers’ emotions and brand, to make the moment of contact with the final customer memorable.

Main services

Immagine 1.. Local Radio and TV – acquisition and planning over the national territory
Immagine 1.. Events
Immagine 1.. Advertising
Immagine 1.. New Media
Immagine 1.. Billboards
Immagine 1.. Advertising consultations

Type of Clientele

Immagine 1.. National and Areal Customers
Immagine 1.. Media Centres
Immagine 1.. Advertising Agencies
Immagine 1.. Public Administration (Councils, Provinces, Regions, Ministers)
Immagine 1.. Politics (candidates, political parties)
Immagine 1.. Category associations and Trade Unions
Immagine 1.. Citizens’ Services Agencies
Immagine 1.. Economic associations (Confartigianato, Confindustria)
Immagine 1.. Tourism bodies (APT and IAT)
Immagine 1.. Banks, insurance and finance companies
Immagine 1.. Foundations and Universities